Christmas With Your Dog: 7 Ways To Celebrate Together!

We know we just got done telling you how to spend Thanksgiving with your dog, but now Christmas is right around the corner! If you’re wondering about ways to include your pet in all of your festivities we’ve got you covered! 

There are plenty of outings that lead up to the big day, so why not bring good ol’ Spot with you to help break out the Holiday Cheer?! 

  1. Finding your Christmas Tree! Picking out your tree can be such a lovely experience; there’s hot cocoa (or apple cider), the smell of the trees, and just the general excitement of finding that perfect tree. Now think of how excited your dog would be to smell the smells, and go on this adventure with you.
  2. Christmas Caroling! Plan on going door-to-door caroling with a few friends this year? Bring your dog! They love spending some outside time with you, and meeting new people! You can even dress them up to look the part.

If you feel apprehensive about bringing your dog with you out and about because they may not have the right training for it, click here for information on courses we offer here at Shaggy Shack to get you and your pet on the right track!

You don’t only need to go outside to celebrate the holidays with your pup, there are loads of things to do around your home as well!

3. Advent Calendars! Think of how much you, your kids, and/or your friends enjoy advent calendars for yourselves to help count down the days until Christmas. Imagine how much fun it would be to celebrate Christmas with your dog by having one for them as well! You can buy one, or make one yourself, they will love it either way!

4. Rest! With all of the running around, and boisterous holiday cheer, your pet will definitely need some down time. Make sure they have a safe place to go lie down for a couple of hours away from all of the noise. It may be good to have a water bowl in that area as well for them.

Another holiday event can be work and/or friends’ holiday parties. Make sure if your pet is not allowed in they have a safe spot to be looked after. For either just a few hours in daycare, or maybe an overnight stay with boarding, Shaggy Shack can help you out there as well, click here to find out more.

On the big day is where most of the excitement happens! Keep in mind your pet will be almost as excited (and stressed) as you are.

5. Dress them up! Most of us have some sort of holiday outfit we love to wear, why not include your pet? Maybe they can be Santa’s helper, or even a reindeer! Or, if you’re feeling a little more conservative with the outfits, you can do a classy red and green collar to show a little holiday cheer.

6. Christmas Cookies! Santa isn’t the only one who enjoys some tasty treats! Make or buy some special Christmas treats for your pup to spoil them just a little extra on this wonderful occasion.

7. Meet and Greet! So you’ve got Fiddo all decked out in Christmas gear, and your guests will be arriving soon for the roast beast feast. Have your dog with you when greeting your guests. They will love it, and so will he. This also gives him an opportunity to meet everyone on your terms, no surprises!

If your pup is looking a little mangy, and you’re worried about getting him spruced up before your big holiday plans, don’t fret! Our capable staff can get your pup clean and pristine just in time for presents! Click here to call and schedule a grooming appointment today.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, have fun!

From everyone here at Shaggy Shack, we hope you have a holly jolly Christmas!

Happy Holidays!