5 Ways to Have a Dog-Friendly Halloween!

Halloween should be fun for everyone, including your dog! Throw a spooky celebration, and keep it dog-friendly with these helpful hints:

  1. Doggie Costumes! Dressing up your pet can be fun for everyone. Make sure whatever costume you do choose for your pup is comfortable. Your pet’s costume shouldn’t be too tight, or have any accessories that are easy to grab hold of.
  1. Boo’s and Don’ts of Decorating! When decorating your home for Halloween make sure to keep your pet safe. A candle certainly smells nice, although dogs enjoy the warmth and light from them. If not placed in a safe enough place a dog can end up burning themselves, or starting a fire. Try using LED candles around your home and in your jack-o-lanterns. 
  1. Pumpkin Picking! Let’s face it, your dog loves going for walks with you, so why not have him tag along to find that right pumpkin? He will love being outdoors, all the new smells, and getting a little dirty! Plus, you can pick out a small pumpkin for your pup to chew on! Pumpkins are good for dogs, as long as there is no mold on them.

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  1. Trick-or-treating? Is trick-or-treating dog-friendly? Well there are a couple things to ask yourself before determining that. Is your dog able to be around large crowds of children without feeling anxious? Has your pup received adequate training to listen to your commands? How does your dog do on a leash?

If some of these questions leave you feeling unsure, trick-or-treating is probably not dog-friendly for your pet.

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  1. Dog-Friendly Parties! If a Halloween fright fest is on your calendar, check with the host before bringing your dog. Or if you are the one throwing the party let your guests know all ghouls allowed!

If you plan to attend a party where there are no dogs allowed, consider boarding your pet for the evening. Click Here for more information on boarding with Shaggy Shack Pet Resort!

There you have it, 5 ways to keep Howl-oween spooktacular for everyone! Stay safe on this witchy holiday.