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Dangers of Hiking with Your Dog

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance of places to go hiking, whether it be for just a day, or multiple days; is this safe for your dog however?

Sure, all the fresh air, new smells, and loads of exercise sounds wonderful for you and your pet, but there are still a few dangers to anticipate before you decide to bring Fido along.

Below we have some of the dangers of hiking with your dog listed.

Wild Animals

If you are native to the Washington state area, and enjoy hiking in the Mount Rainier area, there are a couple of wild animals you need to keep your pets away from.

Dogs are very easy targets for large wildlife, and they may not be such a great companion on a multiple-day hike. Boarding your dog before a big adventure like this would be their safest bet, for more info click here.

Bears- Black bears are native to Mount Rainier and other areas of Washington. Bears generally will try to avoid people, but if you and your pet were to encounter one at close range it could be a deadly situation.

Cougars- These cats are also referred to as pumas, or mountain lions. They mostly hunt at night, which would make overnight hiking trips with your dog very dangerous.

Remember if you are hiking with your dog they will not stay away from dangerous animals- such as the ones mentioned above- and can potentially get themselves hurt/killed.

Parasites and Diseases

Whether you are hiking up a mountain, or through a forest, there will be bugs and germs! Some of these can be very harmful to your pet.

Ticks and Mosquitos- Ticks can transfer lyme disease to your dog, which can be a real danger. Mosquitos can very easily transmit heartworm disease as well. You may want to think twice before bringing your dog in areas where you can find these buggers. Unfortunately we have them all over the Pacific Northwest.

Poisonous vegetation- In all the beautiful foliage you hope to see while hiking, many of these plants can be dangerous to your dog. If you do bring your pet hiking with you, keep a close eye on if they are trying to eat anything they are not supposed to.

Contaminated Water- Clean drinking water is very important for you and your dog! If your pet gets into a contaminated stream they can contract parasitic diseases that will need very immediate medical attention.

If you plan on going on a hike for several days, the best option may be to board your dog somewhere safe like Shaggy Shack, contact us here.

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And a Happy Halloween from all of us here at Shaggy Shack!