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Are Bugs Toxic For My Dog?

With spring coming upon us soon we will see flowers, have longer days, and of course bugs, but which ones are toxic to your dog? Now, don’t get us wrong, there are many little insects out there that are perfectly harmless to your furry friend. However, there are a few to look out for here in the Spanaway, Puyallup, and Tacoma area. 

Below we have a short list of bugs that are toxic to your dog, and also a few that can be harmful but not deadly. 

Insects Toxic to Dogs:

Monarch Caterpillars: While it is highly unlikely your pup will be munching on one of these bugs, the effects can still have some serious cause for concern. The main cause of the toxins from this caterpillar is from milkweed, the plant monarch caterpillars eat before they change into a butterfly. Milkweed poisoning can cause: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, seizures, tremors, and can lead to death

Stink Bugs: These insects were given the name for their nasty odor they emit when feeling threatened or crushed- seriously yuck! They may be stinky, but they are not toxic to your pup. If too many are munched on at a time there can be some side effects such as an upset stomach, or in more serious cases a bezoar in the stomach (a hard mass). If that is the case be sure to take your pup to the vet, surgery may be necessary.

Brown Recluse Spiders: This creepy crawly isn’t just a problem for us humans, they can cause fatal effects on your dog, and quicker as well. The brown recluse spider has a poisonous bite that causes the tissue at the site to die. Besides this, the bite can cause serious illness or death for your pet. This spider has been found in the Pacific Northwest, and Washington especially!

Insects Harmful to Dogs:

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are known for being a little pesky, and we all know how itchy those darn bites can be! While dogs can also get the occasional obnoxious bite, there is a little more to worry about. A bite from a female mosquito can transmit heart worm to your pup through the site of the bite. A full grown heart worm can be up to 12 inches long, which can cause some major issues. Consult your nearest vet in the Spanaway area to learn about preventative measures.

Fleas: These little guys are a fast-multiplying pain in the tail! It only takes 21 days for one flea to turn into 1,000! While fleas cause itching, scratching, and just general irritation, they can also bring about tapeworms to your dog. Lucky for you, Shaggy Shack can do easy flea treatments for your pup, click here to find out more about our grooming flea treatments.

Bees: While bees usually won’t cause major problems with your pet, you can almost always count on some kind of reaction. Have you ever seen a pup’s face after eating a bee?! They almost look like a cartoon. The worst thing to worry about with bees and dogs is if your dog could be allergic to them. If you are unsure and your pet has been stung, take him to the vet to avoid anything more than just some swelling.

If you are worried about your pet getting into any of these bugs while you are gone at work, there is always daycare for your pet here in Spanaway. Shaggy Shack offers daycare 7 days a week, with trained staff to keep an eye on your pets. Click here for more information on doggie daycare.

We hope you and your pets enjoy the outdoors and the spring weather coming our way, just make sure to pay close attention to things your pup is munching on out there!