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New Dog, New Year, Now What?

You and/or your family has a new puppy in the home from the holidays. He’s cute, and cuddly, but what do you do with him now?

After the new puppy sensation starts to wear off, it’s time to start making sure the doggo feels safe and secure in your home. And of course you want him to feel at home as well!

Statistics say it takes up to three months to get a new pup acclimated to your home.

Below we have a few suggestions to help make the transition easier on everyone!

6 Tips for acclimating your dog to your home:

  1. Show him his potty spot! Take your pup outside often and tell him to go potty. They will learn quickly this is the appropriate spot to relieve themselves. Also make sure to praise them when they do as you ask.
  2. Start training early! The best time to start training your dog is early on. They are more able to learn, and quicker learners. Lucky for you, Shaggy Shack offers training courses for puppies. Click here for more info on training courses.
  3. Give your pup his own space! Dogs need their own space to go to when they are stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. Make sure the space you set for your pup does not move, or get disturbed by anyone else in the house.
  4. Keep a routine! Having a set routine your pup can get used to will help them not be anxious about day-to-day activities. Good things to keep in mind with a routine for your doggie are:
    1. Feedings are at the same time every day
    2. Consistent potty breaks
    3. Same bedtime every night
    4. Taking walks at the same time every day.
  5. Start socializing with other dogs! It is never too early to start socializing your pup with other dogs! An easy way would be to take them to daycare a couple days a week. Your dog will be able to play with other dogs, and learn how to properly socialize. Click here for info on Shaggy Shack’s daycare program.
  6. Let them know who the pack leader is! Dogs are pack animals, and will test their boundaries if you don’t show them you are head of the pack. Once you have established you are the alpha, your dog will respect you, and will more likely listen to your commands.

And of course enjoy the new addition to your family! New puppies are very exciting, and a big responsibility. We hope these tips help you for the next few months while your pup gets more comfortable at home.