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5 Helpful Hints to Encourage Your Dog’s Good Behavior

Wow, thank you for coming here to read what we have to say! Now see, doesn’t that feel good? That was a little positive reinforcement for an action you took. It is no different with a dog’s behavior! Actually, it’s easier reinforcing good behavior with your puppy. 

Dogs need positive feedback to encourage the behaviors you like to see. When behaviors are rewarded, they become more likely to be repeated, and then just the natural way of living. 

We have here a few suggestions to help get you comfortable with, and in the routine of giving your dog the positive encouragement it needs!

“I’m a good boy!”
  1. Dogs are very food-driven creatures (shocking, we know). Using a treat, or a healthy snack from the kitchen when your pup does something right is an excellent start! If you are unsure what snacks in the kitchen are dog-friendly, don’t worry we have you covered! Click Here for some snacks do’s and don’ts.
  1. A simple “Good boy” or “Good girl” goes a long way! Even if your pup is lounging in their bed or on the couch, letting them know it’s good to relax will help calm them in the long-run. There is no need to over-do it here. Just let them know once with a light pat or belly rub will do just fine.
  1. Play a quick little game! Games are very similar to giving your dog a treat. When your pup does a good job at anything, playing a game will make them happy (and you) and your dog will associate that with the good behavior you are trying to reinforce!
  1. Take your dog outside! How much does your pup like to go for a walk, like really? When your dog exhibits good tendencies take them outside for a walk, or just to sniff around the yard. This is very helpful when potty training a new puppy as well!
  1. Last, but certainly not least, give your pup some quality one-on-one time. Some affection goes a long way with just about any living being you encounter, and your dog is included! You can even make your pup work for it a little first. Ask him to sit, or lay down, then give him a real good cuddle!

When using positive reinforcement, it won’t take long to keep up your dog’s good behavior and turn those into just a normal way of living for them. It is usually good to get a solid headstart with training by taking your dog to a dog training course. If you are in the Puyallup, Graham, or Spanaway areas, Click Here to look at training courses we have available to help get you and your dog on the right path to a whole lot of positive experiences together. Now, who’s a good boy? Yes you are.