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Dog Training: Top 7 Reasons To Start Today

Sometimes we think that maybe we don’t actually need to train our dogs, we know what we are supposed to do right? But then later, come to find out, we were wrong. Dog training is more than just your basic sit, stay, good boy! Dog training is extremely beneficial for both your dog(s) and you! 

It is extremely important to learn the right way to communicate with your dog. That is a main reason why dog training is so common. Dogs do not communicate the same way that you or I do. But, if you still need some convincing, here are the top 7 reasons for you to start obedience training today.

Top 7 Reasons To Start Dog Training:

  1. Managing your dog is so much easier! 

When your dog has had proper basic obedience training they are more easily controlled. When I say controlled I mean their behavior. The right training can help your pup be more well behaved and it is easier for you to manage what you can expect from them! Chasing the cat down the road stops here!

  1. Your dog will be more friendly and welcome wherever you go!

If your dog is trained, and most likely going to sit to greet people or lay on the floor the two of you will be more welcome in most places. A misbehaving dog is more often than not going to have to wait outside most places you go.

3. You will build a better bond!

Dog training classes give an opportunity for you and your pup to connect with each other. Over the course of a four or six week class you both will feel a better bond, helping create a pawtastic friendship!

4. Everyone is safer!

Having control of your dog keeps everyone safe. After taking dog training courses your pup will listen to your command, and will listen when you call them out of a busy street!

5. More freedom for you and your dog!

Instead of keeping your pup strung to a leash, or locked outside or in the garage when guests are over, you and your dog have more room to play and enjoy everyone’s company. 

6. Your dog will be happier!

Let’s face it, your dog does not want to make big decisions. Actually, dogs love when you are the one in charge! They want you to be their pack master, so go ahead, show ‘em who’s boss!

7. You will be happier!

Life will be easier with a trained pup at your side; no scolding, chasing after, or apologizing to friends or acquaintances. Just cuddles, play time, and lots of treats being given! 

If you are in Puyallup, Tacoma, or Spanaway and looking to start obedience training, you are in luck! Click Here and check out Shaggy Shack’s Dog Training schedule! Or, if you would like to call for more information, go ahead and Click Here. Remember, if your dog is having a ruff go at being a good boy, dog training will help you both feel like you’ve got perfect pedigrees!