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Dog daycare is more fun

Doggy Daycare- should you really consider it? The answer is YES! While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend daycare for your pets everyday, it can surely be a positive way to break up the “normal” routine.

While you are at work for 8 or more hours, your puppy can be lonely, getting into trouble, having accidents throughout the home, or feeling some serious anxiety. Daycare for your dog can actually be a solution for all of these things.

Sitting at home alone, without you there to play and cuddle with, your sweet dog will start to feel lonely. Dogs are pack animals as a general rule, so when they are not with their pack it can cause serious bouts of loneliness.
In daycare, your dog will have opportunities to play with other dogs, and even make some new friends! “Don’t worry Mom/Dad, I’ve got friends to play with while you’re away!”

A companion of loneliness is anxiety. Your special puppy has a very likely chance of feeling separation anxiety when you leave for the day. An unfortunate symptom we are all familiar with is trashing the house! A dog who has succumbed to its anxiety can chew through your couch, shoes, trash, or even the walls! Trust us, we’ve seen this ourselves.
The benefit of keeping your dog in daycare is that it will keep your pup stimulated via playing with other dogs in daycare that will keep them out of trouble, and your belongings live to see another day.

Another issue you will run into is accidents. Sometimes you don’t have time to run home and let Fluffy out for a potty break, or sometimes you just need to work late. Your doggies have no idea how long you will be gone, and can’t hold it forever (try as they might).Daycare makes this a non issue for both you and your pup.

Here in the Spanaway and Graham areas there are so many working families with fur babies, and probably need a little help keeping their dogs stimulated while away. Click Here to learn more about our doggy daycare to help spruce up your pet’s routine.
Or if you’re looking for a weekend getaway, and don’t want to worry about Fluffy, Click Here for info on overnight boarding.

Remember, if your dog is having a ruff time while you are away, try doggy daycare; they will have a pawsitively wonderful time!