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Dog Flea and Tick Treatment- More Than Just Grooming

Spring Is In the Air!!

Springtime brings us flowers, bees, and sunshine, but for us pet owners spring can also bring us something a little more unpleasant- fleas. As we get closer to warmer weather and we begin to consider cat and dog grooming more regularly, we should also take into consideration how to treat our pets to keep them safe through the flea and tick season.

Flea season begins in spring, but reaches its peak in summer and fall. A flea’s life span is around 30 days, and an adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Female fleas can begin laying eggs in your dog or cat’s hair 24-36 hours after their first “blood meal”. As we get more into spring it is important to treat and prevent your pets from these nasty little bugs.

Here in your local Spanaway, Graham, or Puyallup areas, Shaggy Shack Pet Resort has an easy grooming solution for your pets’ flea troubles. We have a flea shampoo to add on to your regular pet grooming services, click here to see our rates.

Another option we use to treat and kill fleas in Frontline flea treatments. While this treatment may not prevent new fleas from jumping on to your pet, it will kill fleas within 24 hours. For a more preventative solution, consider using a flea collar to keep those pesky bugs out of your pets’ hair.

Keep your pets and you safe from fleas this year, call or book today and ask our friendly grooming staff how we can help keep your dogs and cats clean, pampered, and flea-free. Click here to contact us today!